Extract Education: Live Rosin

live rosin education

We at MPX are proud to introduce our suite of Live Rosin extractions to the cannabis market.  Live Rosin is one of the most sought after extractions available, and showcases a perfect marriage of traditional extraction and modern technique.

Live Rosin is a unique process for us, as it does not involve any interaction with a hydrocarbon to execute the extraction.  We will go into further detail below, so read on to get a fuller understanding of what is entailed.

Understanding Live Rosin Vs. Live Resin

While the naming conventions for these two products are similar, they are radically different in a few key ways. Live Resin uses a standard hydrocarbon extraction and freshly harvested, flash frozen cannabis material to achieve extraction; click here to get a more in-depth breakdown of the Live Resin Process.

Live Rosin, however, is a subset of the Rosin extraction family, meaning that heat and pressure are used as the solvents instead of the traditional hydrocarbon method.  Live Rosin also begins its life as freshly harvested, flash frozen cannabis, though it undergoes several different steps that set it apart from similar products.

Breaking The Live Rosin Process

Due to the volatile nature of the chemical compound found in cannabis, the input material for Live Rosin must first be converted into Full Melt Bubble Hash (AKA Ice/Water Hash) to ensure the full chemical spectrum is preserved. This step involves submerging the input in a bath of ice water, and then slowly agitating the bath.  As the input begins to soak and freeze, the trichomes which contain the cannabis chemical profile separate from the plant material and integrate into the bath.

Once the desired end product is achieved, the water solution is then sifted through an increasingly fine series of mesh sieves, which aid in separating any remaining plant material from the unadulterated trichomes that are desired. These steps can be repeated many times to ensure the highest quality.  From here, the trichomes are freeze dried to completely evaporate any moisture.  The end result is a fine, sandlike product known as Hash, and fully melts when heat is applied.

Once the hash is dried and settled, our extractors select the highest quality specimens and isolate them from the greater batch, and only continue with the next step with said material.  This scrutinization doubly ensures that the final product will be of the highest make and quality for our most discerning consumers.

The hash product is then put into very fine porous bags, and set into a press.  Low amounts of heat are introduced, and pressure is slowly ramped up as the process goes on.  As the heat and pressure are applied, the oils in the hash will separate from any solid material, leaving behind a pure cannabis extraction that contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids/terpenoids found in the original cannabis input.  The oils are then cooled and stored in air-tight containers to safeguard against any mold or terpene profile degradation before distribution.

The Look: Due to the differences in extraction, Live Rosin can differ greatly in color from most other dabbing product.  Live Rosin is usually a off-white, creamish color, though can also found a very pale yellow.  Live Rosin ranges from a soft butter consistency to a stickier, sappier one, largely dependent on the cultivar extracted.

The Potency: Live Rosin can have a slightly lower THC profile than hydrocarbon extractions, though potency still ranges between 60-75%THC. It also has an extremely elevated terpene profile in comparison to some other products.

The Feel: Live Rosin has a near-identical terpene profile found in the original cannabis input, users can expect an almost 1:1 experience when compared to the cannabis flower version of the same cultivar.

The Taste: Live Rosin provides a nigh-unmatched flavor experience. The full flavor profile of the extracted cultivar is represented, and users will find a subtlety and depth of flavor that will satisfy purists and beginners alike.

MPX offers Live Rosin to our customers in Florida, and with an exclusive partnership with our esteemed allies GrowHealthy.  We hope to hear your experience with this unique product, so reach out and let us know what you think!

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