MPX Live Rosin

MPX SOLVENTLESS Live Rosin is a full-spectrum concentrate derived from freshly frozen whole plant cannabis. This process incorporates water, ice and pressure to gently separate and concentrate the most desired parts of the plant, the trichome heads. The end result provides consumers with the experience of the full aroma and flavor offered from high quality cannabis plants.

Extract Education: Kief Rosin

Live Rosin

MPX Live Rosin is processed by separating raw trichomes from freshly frozen plant material. These trichomes are sifted and selected based upon size and structure. This process allows for the entire profile of the plant to be obtained without the use of solvents. Once the desired trichomes are obtained, they are exposed to heat and pressure to separate the cannabinoid and terpene-rich profile from the trichome body.
MPX Live Rosin

Live Rosin Carts

MPX™ Live Rosin Cartridges are premium solventless vaping products that deliver elevated effects, impeccable flavors, and an incredibly smooth pull. Packaged in unique all-ceramic hardware, the MPX™ Live Rosin Cartridges deliver phenomenal and consistent flavor throughout the life of the cartridge. MPX Live Rosin