Breaking Down Terp Sugar

MPX continues to innovate new and exciting products and has dubbed the term “Terp Sugar” to describe one of the best consistencies to date. As with all MPX products, the Terp Sugar process starts in cultivation. Proper growing practices paired with a minimal handling philosophy is key, as our products can only be as good as the cannabis they were derived from. The initial extraction phase yields a raw solution of essential oils (terpenes) and cannabinoids, which is then manipulated in the post process phase to create interesting textures and forms. Below describes the process and the characteristics of a proper Terp Sugar.

Breaking Down Terp Sugar

Once the initial hydrocarbon extraction phase is completed, we collect the raw solution from the system. The solution is then lightly warmed to encourage solvent evaporation. As solvent slowly evaporates, the concentration of everything left behind increases. At this stage the solution is predominately rich in THCA, which will begin to crystallize – this is referred to as the saturation point. As crystals begin to grow, the terpenes are rejected from THCA’s crystalline lattice and begin to separate as a liquid. Once full crystallization has occurred, the crystals and High Terpene Extract (HTE) can now be separated and used in many different ways.

For Terp Sugar, the crystals are pulverized into a uniform granule size. The HTE is then added back in its entirety. This creates a wet, gritty texture that can be easily handled with a dab tool. This process ensures a proper balance of flavor and potency with every scoop. The resulting product is incredibly flavorful, and often has a higher terpene content than other forms of extracts such as shatter, wax, or crumble. This observation is especially true of our unique Live Resin Terp Sugar.

The Look

Our top shelf Live Resin Terp Sugar will have a wet, gritty texture. It sort or resembles raw honey that has crystallized. It will range in color from goldish/yellow to orange/amber.

The Potency

Our Live Resin Terp Sugars offer a perfect