Extract Education: Whats Live Resin?

Whats Live Resin?

Whats Live Resin? In this edition of our educational blog series, we will be focusing on an extraction method that is near and dear to us at MPX: Live resin. Live resin has become the go-to extraction method for many dabbing connoisseurs, and we are very excited to expand further on this precious method.

How Live Resin Is Made

Live Resin extraction is a step apart from the standard methods of hydrocarbon extraction. Most other extraction methods rely on using “cured” cannabis as an input, meaning that growers leave the flower to dry in a cool, dry environment for a long period of time. The curing process allows for the trichomes to set and stop developing, but risks the loss of a large array of cannabinoids, flavinoids, and more volatile terpenes as they evaporate off with the moisture.
Live Resin extraction sets itself apart from the very beginning of the process; instead of using a cured input, Live Resin is produced by using whole plant cannabis that has been flash frozen as soon as the cannabis is harvested. This near instantaneous deep freeze allows for the fullest, most accurate representation of the flower being extracted. The resulting extract is full bodied, uniquely flavorful, and often has a terpene profile that more closely matches the original input.

The Look

Live resin has a tendency to be more fluid than other extracts, largely due to the elevated levels of terpenes that are extracted. As a general rule, the higher the terpene content, the closer to a liquid the extract will be. Live resin can present in a deep gradient of colors, though the color is usually somewhere on the warmer side of the spectrum. Users should expect to see live resin ranging from a buttery gold to a deeper amber yellow.

The Feel

While the live resin may be runnier than something like shatter or wax, the extract often still has plenty enough body to be easily manipulated with dabbing tools; this being said, it might be a good idea to store it in the fridge to allow the extract to firm up a bit before dabbing.
To speak to effects, if users are familiar with the flower the live resin is extracted from, they can expect an effect suite that very closely matches the original cultivar, and usually report a more “full bodied” effect.

The Taste

The taste of Live Resin is unrivaled when compared to other methods of hydrocarbon extraction. The flash freezing process that is employed pre-extraction ensures that even the most fragile of terpenes are captured, which lends itself to the depth and subtlety of the flavor of Live Resin. While the ideal temperature range for consumption is between 315-400f, it is suggested to dab at the lower end. Lower temperatures ensure that less flavor is lost when vaporizing the material.

The Potency

Live Resin is found in a similar THC potency as many other extract types, usually between 50-75%. However, many users report that the high of Live Resin is usually more potent than its counterparts; this could be due to the broader range of minor cannabinoids and terpenes, which are known to add to the fullness of intoxication. For users with less experience, it might be a good idea to consume a little less than normal to start, to ensure that your high isn’t too intense.

MPX offers Live Resin extract in all of our major markets, and users in Arizona, Nevada, and Maryland should seek out our top-of-the-line Live Resin cartridges.

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