Extract Education: What’s THC Diamonds?

What's THC Diamonds?

Today’s blog is going to cover one of the most exciting progressions in the history of hydrocarbon extracts: THCa Diamonds.  These potent beauties can be the most attractive extracts on the market, and will satisfy the most discerning of users.

How Diamonds Are Made

Diamond production begins much the same way as other forms of extraction; by washing the material with a hydrocarbon solvent. At MPX we solely produce Diamonds from live resin, meaning the cannabis that’s being extracted is fresh, flash frozen prior to the initial extraction. After the extraction step, the unrefined oil is placed into jars (either mason jars or “diamond miners”, which are vessels built to withstand a great amount of pressure) for an extended amount of time.

As time passes and the solvents purge from the extract, a process called “crystallization” takes place.  In this process, pure THCa begins to separate from the liquid terpene sauce, and form into the familiar shape of diamonds.  In this phase a variety of techniques can be employed that dramatically affect the shape and potency of the final product.

The Look

The highest quality Diamonds closely resemble their namesake in it’s unrefined state. They can range from large clusters with extreme clarity and almost no color, to less pronounced, slightly more amber pieces, often sitting in a golden amber terpene sauce.

The Potency

Diamonds are an incredibly concentrated extract, and often range from 85-99% THC when vaporized.  Diamonds that are found with terpene sauce are usually found on the lower end of this spectrum, but offer a much higher total terpene content than their higher potency counterparts.

The Feel

Users often associate pure Diamonds with a stronger mind buzz than other, less potent extracts, as extremely high levels of THC without the terpene entourage can lead to a more singular psychoactive experience.  Diamonds found with a terp sauce deliver a closer experience to the original cultivar, albeit with a considerably stronger punch.  In either scenario, beginners (and veterans with a lower tolerance) should tread lightly.

The Taste

Pure THCa Diamonds have a very subtle flavor, as they are bereft of any terpenes or flavinoids.  Diamonds that are vaporized with a high quality terp sauce are often as flavorful as live resin, and will closely resemble an elevated, cleaner version of the cultivar present in the extract.

MPX offers THCa Diamonds to patients in Arizona, Nevada, and Maryland; be sure to keep a lookout for our latest Diamonds product, Diamond Rolls.  These 1g prerolls combine high quality flower with our signature THCa Diamonds, and offer a new and unforgettable take on cannabis consumption.  

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