Extract Education: What is Batter?

What is Batter?

What is Batter? For our ongoing educational series, we decided to dive into one of the most sought after types of hydrocarbon extract on the market right now: batter. So, let’s dive in!

How Batter Is Made

Like many other extract consistencies, batter is produced after the initial extraction. Batter is made by whipping the unfinished extraction during the process of removing residual solvents from the oil. By whipping the oil, air gets introduced into its makeup and allows the product to form into its desired consistency upon cooling. This process is done over low heat in efforts to encourage as much terpene retention as possible.

The Look

This extract type is very similar to the cake batter from which its name is derived, though there can be a bit of a range in consistency. Color can be dependent on the strain being extracted, though batter is usually found to be light brown, gold, or amber.

The Feel

For many dabbers, batter has the ideal consistency for manipulation with dabbing tools; the extract is soft enough to easily portion out without having to worry about breaking it into tiny pieces, which can happen with shatter. It is also firm enough to adhere to the preferred dabbing apparatus without running.

The Taste

Properly made batter usually has a very high terpenoid/flavinoid concentration, so users can expect a smooth, flavorful hit that will be very similar to the flower that it’s extracted from. Due to the softer consistency, batter is best experienced when dabbed between 350-400f; this allows the user to fully vaporize the full terpene spectrum, without evaporating the most sensitive terpenes before they can be inhaled.

The Potency

Batter usually delivers a total cannabinoid profile between 60-80%. This includes THC, CBD, and other minor cannabinoids such as CBG and CBG. The cannabinoid profile can change drastically, and is largely dependent on the material being extracted.

We offer Batter in all of the markets we operate in, so be sure to check out your local dispensaries menu to find MPX Batter or any of our cured resins in stock.

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