Concentrating on The Benefits of Cannabis Extracts

The Benefits of Cannabis Extracts

While everyone has their preferred method of cannabis use, extracts continue to gain popularity as more states begin to legalize cannabis. In this post, we wanted to highlight some of the main reasons why extracts are such a valuable intake method for cannabis consumers of all levels of experience.

Flavor is key

High quality extracts can produce unmatched flavor profiles. Because of the speed of the HCE process, even the most volatile of terpenes can be captured before they boil off. This ensures a flavor profile that’s true to the cannabis it’s derived from, without any “burned” taste that comes from lighting raw flower on fire (not to mention the benefit of not inhaling burning plant material). In other words: users who are concerned about taste will definitely find something they love when using extracts.

A little goes a long way

Because extracts are so highly concentrated, many users only need a tiny amount of product to get their ideal high. This can be a huge boon for cost-conscious consumers, and also means that less vapor enters the lungs in any given session. Suffice it to say, your lungs and wallet will thank you.

Precise dosing

Extracts make it easy to get an exact dose every inhale. Unlike raw cannabis flower, where cannabinoid concentration can vary from bud to bud (or even hit to hit), cannabinoids are evenly distributed throughout the entire unit. This takes the guesswork out of the process and allows users the confidence to get the right high, every time.

Quick onset

While edibles can also be effective for precise dosing, the time it takes to feel the full effect (usually 1-2 hours!) can be a big turnoff. When extracts are used, the beginning effects are generally felt immediately, with the full effects being felt within 10 minutes. Less waiting around means more time to enjoy the full high.

Versatility in usage

Extracts can be used on a traditional dab rig, in the right portable vaporizer, or even as a medium for making edibles. One gram of extract contains roughly the same amount of cannabinoids as 3.5 grams of raw flower, making extracts a budget-friendly alternative for making cannabutter; just be sure to decarboxylate before cooking the butter up.

These are just a few of the reasons we love extracts so much, and we would love to hear some of the reasons you choose extracts in the comments.

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