Consumer Cartridge Choices: Live Resin Or Distillate?

Live Resin Or Distillate

Here at MPX there is a big question Live Resin Or Distillate? We have been producing industry-leading craft Live Resin extracts since 2015. Until recently this high-quality product has only been available in dab form, but we are now proud to offer our Live Resin and Single-Source Distillate in an exciting line of cartridges!

With so many different options on the market, and high potency distillate beginning to make it’s rise to popularity.  There may be questions as to what cartridge is best to choose.  Below we will offer some compelling reasons as to why the choice begins and ends with MPX Live Resin and the MPX X-Vape.

Comfort In Quality: While distillate is a popular choice amongst consumers, it is not always produced with quality material input.  Often distillate is produced with the “leavings” of the cannabis plant, and is not strain-specific. This may not offer the best representation of the cultivar the distillate is purported to be.

In contrast, our X-Vape cartridges are produced with single-source starting material, and without any artificial ingredients or flavors. These steps ensure an approachable, quality distillate experience.

Additionally, our Live Resin is produced with the highest quality, single-source, fresh harvested, cannabis; users can rest assured knowing their cartridge will give them an accurate, full-spectrum cannabis high.

Elevated and Everything Else : Our X-Vape cartridges offer a high THC experience for consumers looking for a more intoxicating experience.  We regularly see extractions in the 80%+ THC range, so those with higher tolerances can rejoice.

Our cutting-edge Live Resin extraction not only produces a higher cannabinoid range product (often in the 75-85% range), it also produces an accurate, high concentration capture of the strains terpene profile. This can lead to a more nuanced high when compared to other extracts on the market.

Unrivaled Flavor: Due to the aforementioned elevated terpene profile found in our Live Resin extract, our cartridges deliver a flavor profile unlike any other.  Our consumers can expect a taste and draw that closely mimics flower, without the hassle and burnt plant taste of combustion.

Users can also expect a strain specific terpene profile with our X-Vape cartridges, as well. X-Vape offers a THC-focused experience, while still being flavorful and smooth.

Click here to find a dispensary in your area that offers our suite of cartridges.  Users in Maryland should note that our line of MPX Mini-X disposable pens can be found at a dispensary near you!

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