Product Highlight: Diamond Rolls MPX

Diamond Rolls MPX

We at MPX are proud to highlight one of our most exciting products, the Diamond Rolls MPX. We are confident that this handcrafted, full flower and HCE Diamonds preroll will surpass the needs of any cannabis user. What sets it apart? Read on to find out.

The delight is in the details: We believe in imbuing our products with the highest quality inputs from start to finish; that’s why we’ve partnered with Sonoran Roots and Farm Fresh Organics in Arizona, as well as our own farm Anthologie in Nevada to provide top-shelf cannabis for our Diamond Rolls MPX.

It is of the utmost importance that such exceptional cannabis is treated with respect. To do this, our expert team painstakingly hand trims all the flower that finds its way into our Diamond Roll; this means that extraneous stems and seeds do not find their way into the final product, as can be the case with rougher, machine trimmed cannabis. Hand trimming also ensures that the trichomes and other delicate aspects of cannabis are treated with care, leading to a higher quality, boutique flower experience.

Potent additions, little distraction: We want our Diamond Roll to appeal to both flower and extract enthusiasts; to achieve this, we blend our highly purified THCa crystal into the preroll, which provides an extra kick that will satisfy all walks of cannabis connoisseur. The use of THCa Diamonds allows the elevated cannabinoid profile that many extract users have come to expect, while not taking away from the earthy flavor profile that predominantly flower users enjoy.

Ideal for groups and power users alike: In many cases, a single 1 gram pre roll may not be enough to satisfy, whether you are a communal or solo cannabis user. Whether you imbibe by yourself or with friends and loved ones, our 80/20 blend of flower-only cannabis and handcrafted MPX THCa Diamonds will surely satisfy all parties.

THCa Diamond Rolls can be found at select dispensaries in Arizona and Nevada. Be sure to check for stock at a dispensary near you, and we would be happy if you reached out with your experience!

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