Best Rigs of 2023

Best Rigs of 2023

The world of dab rigs is vast. There are thousands of glass blowers in the world, producing all kinds of dab rigs: high-end. There is certainly a rig for everybody!

In a world that has largely shifted everything from analog to digital – from mechanical to electrical – our 2023 list of top rigs is going to focus on electronic options. In the cannabis community, electric rigs are growing in popularity at an extremely fast pace. Today, let’s dive into the best dab rigs to use while consuming your MPX concentrates!

Top 5 E-Rigs
Let’s save the best for last and first discuss the electric rig that we are ranking on our best Of list!

#5: Focus V Carta E-Rig
This electric rig differs drastically from the G Pen, in the fact that it is not hiding what it is! The G Pen looks like a vaporizer of sorts, but it’s compact and discreet. The Focus V Carta is prominently everything you love about a standard glass rig! This gives you high quality that is easily portable. ( View Here )

#4: G Pen Roam
Created by the geniuses behind Grenco Science, this device hits all the checkboxes. It’s compact, discreet, high-tech, and even comes with water filtration. G Pen dominated the game when it came to dry-herb vaporizers, and it’s great to see the development! ( View Here )

#3: Puffco Peak Pro
The Apple of dabbing. Puffco offers sleek design, innovative additions and accessories, and high-quality functionality, allowing the consumer to completely customize their e-rig. That’s with not even mentioning Disco Mode! This electric rig is perfect as a daily driver, or travel piece, and does not disappoint. ( View Here )

#2: Pulsar RoK
Between the perfect handheld shape, and the coil-less quartz nail, this e-rig is state-of-the-art technology. It is designed for superior taste and flavor from your concentrates. Consumers who truly care about appreciating the concentrate they consume use these! ( View Here )

#1: Dr. Dabber Switch
Last, but certainly not least, a creation by Dr. Dabber. This e-rig is in full essence the equivalent to a standard glass rig. The only difference being that it does not require a torch. This device is completely customizable to give consumers full control over their Dr. Dabber experience. This is top of the time technology. ( View Here )

All in all, electronic rigs are becoming far more popular for many reasons. The biggest hold up for a purist sticking to strictly glass is the lack of function. However, the e-rigs on this list transcend that myth and outperform the best of them! These are the top dab rigs of 2023.

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