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The landscape of cannabis in the United States has changed exponentially thanks to legalization for medical and recreational use. The cannabis industry has seen brands come and go but we are pleased to say we are one of the lucky ones that remain worthy of high praise.

An industry leader in cannabis concentrates and vapes, Melting Point Extracts (MPX) has been around since 2014 and has products in 5 states – both medically and recreationally!
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In our humble opinion, we produce the best concentrates which include live resin batter, sugar, HCE diamonds, and sauce. All are excellent terpene-filled dabbable products for cannabis concentrate fans to enjoy. We also offer full spectrum live resin cartridges so you can enjoy the terpene profiles and cannabinoids the original cultivar offers. Finally, we also have Live Rosin products, however, these are currently sold in Florida only. We hope to bring Live Rosin to other markets in the near future. 

Did you know we have sister brands too? Anthologie produces high-quality flower and pre-rolls with outstanding strains such as Duct Tape, Triangle Mintz, and Garlic Drip. You’d be missing out by overlooking this brand!

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Our other sister brand offers budget-friendly dabs and cartridges. Black Label produces cured resin products and distillates. The methods used for these types of extraction are far more cost-effective and thus become a competitively priced cannabis product.

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All in all, Melting Point Extracts is a top-of-the-line brand scattered all across the county. Every state that has MPX present can attest to its superiority in its respective markets! Why are we so superior in every way? We control every part of the extraction process from soil to oil. We don’t compromise and neither should you!

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