Buying in Bulk with MPX

Buying in bulk Wholesale Concentrates in NJ

As each state grows their respective medical and recreational cannabis markets, companies from around the country are setting up shop in an effort to grow their wholesale business in an effort to expand distribution of their brands. Buying in Bulk with MPX is the only way to buy wholesale concentrates in New Jersey.

Focusing on New Jersey – one of the latest developing markets – there are several brands making a name for themselves. Newly coming to Jersey is the well-known, premium concentrate company, Melting Point Extracts (MPX). 

What Does MPX Produce?
MPX has always been known for producing top-of-the-line concentrates such as Live Resin Batter, Sugar, Sauce, and Diamonds. Consumers across the country regard them as one of the best because they don’t compromise on taste, potency or effect. They also sell live resin vapes – making for easy, on-the-go, everyday use. Finally, they have Diamond Rolls – Diamond infused pre-rolls – a must have to elevate your experience!

Quality Assurance
When it comes to buying wholesale cannabis products, it is important to develop good relationships with brands you can grow to trust. MPX is a company that takes their time with production. There is plenty of benefit in being able to mass produce concentrates and vapes, but that can compromise quality and care put into each item. While many brands may sometimes put out a higher volume of products; MPX consistently produces the most premium products on the market.

A brand you can trust, is a brand to keep nearby. As a dispensary owner looking to develop relationships in the NJ cannabis market, Melting Point Extracts is the wholesale partner you’ve been looking for! Looking to learn more about our wholesale program? Click Here. 

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