What is Dabbing?

What is Dabbing?

New patients and customers are looking for exciting new ways to consume cannabis. Whether it’s to treat a debilitating medical condition or simply to take the edge off from a long day – there are many interesting ways to reap the benefits of the plant. One of the most effective ways people consume cannabis today is by dabbing. We will cover some common questions we get asked by patients and customers alike and provide you with answers and suggestions to consider before your next dabbing experience.

What Are Dabs?

A Dab is simply the act of taking a tiny amount (a dab) of cannabis concentrates like diamonds or batter and vaporizing it via a dab rig or dab pen. The result is a more effective and faster acting dose of cannabinoids and terpenes without the smoke and tar that comes with conventional smoking methods. Another benefit is the robust flavor! Dabbing at lower temperatures preserves the lighter terpenes which translates into a much tastier (and effective) dab experience!

How Are Dabs Consumed?

Tools Needed– Dab rigs, sometimes referred to as oil rigs, are used to enjoy various types of cannabis concentrate consistencies. Many adapters exist that can turn any conventional glass bong into a dab rig. A dab is placed in a pre-heated “nail” that is often made of titanium, ceramic or quartz. The concentrate is immediately melted, and then evaporated off the glass surface and inhaled through the rig. Capping the nail with what’s called a carb cap while inhaling through the rig allows the user to create a slight vacuum. This vacuum generates heavy vapor production and is ideal for optimal results especially at lower temps.

Generally, a small crème brulee torch is used to preheat the glass nail. While this is a quick and easy option, it does require a slight learning curve and can prove difficult to achieve consistent results each time. The use of a hand-held torch can intimidate first time users, we get it! Luckily, there is another option that uses an electric nail (Enail) with your dab rig. An e-nail, like those from MiniNail, is a coiled heating element that you place around the glass nail. The coil then heats the glass nail to whatever pre set temperature the user desires.

What Temperatures Should I Use When I Dab?

There are some fundamental variables to consider when it comes to temperature. Not all glass bangers are the same thickness, size, or even composition. Also, each brand of E-nail can be calibrated differently which can lead to different experiences. Even down to the ambient temperature and placement of the rig can have an effect (in front of a fan or under an AC vent for example). The size of the dab can even have an impact on temperature, a half gram of room temp concentrate is bound to cool the nail down once it melts down!

Whether you’re dabbing on some live resin sauce, batter, or sugar, this suggested temp guide can be used as a great starting point to dial in your own personal preference:

Maximum terpenes & flavor: 350 to 390°f

Balance of both flavor and effect: 400 to 550°f

Immediate effect but limited terpenes & flavor: 650°f and above (only suggested for distillate/isolates that are low or free of terpenes).

Regardless of what temperature you decide is best for you, there’s one important thing that remains constant: there should be a bit of residual oil left behind in the nail once the dab is finished. This residual oil should be mopped up with a cotton swab or paper towel before the next dab. Attempting to heat this residual up into vapor requires significantly more heat, and the risks creating harmful vapor byproducts and should be avoided.

Are There Any Safety Issues When Dabbing?

The short answer is Yes. There are some safety issues to consider when dabbing. The biggest one is to always remember that you are dealing with a hot glass surface which will naturally pose a burn risk. It’s important to only setup your dab rig in a safe place, far from the reach of children, and far from fuel sources (that Isopropyl alcohol bottle for instance!).

Remember- A dab’ll do ya! This is a concentrated product, thus a little goes a long way. Starting low and slow will allow you to gauge your tolerance and avoid unwanted side effects. You can always go back for a little more if your not achieving the desired effects – but it’s much harder to reverse the effects once consumed.

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