What You Need to Know About Live Resin Terp Sugar

Live Terp Sugar

Customers and patients have many options when it comes to consuming cannabis concentrates in their dab rigs or vaporizers. With multiple consistencies available to choose from, we take a closer look at Live Resin Terp Sugar where we will explore what it is and how this flavorful product is made.

What is Live Resin Terp Sugar?

Live Resin Terp Sugar is an MPX specific product that was created by our extract team with years of knowledge and experience. Our Live Resin Terp Sugar has a sauce like consistency with what appears to be little crystals of sugar floating on top of the sauce. The sauce contains High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract while the crystals are High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract. This means you are enjoying the full plant experience during your dab sessions. So how is this beautiful consistency made? Read on!

How is Live Resin Terp Sugar Made?

All the Live Resin concentrates produced by Melting Point Extracts are derived from the highest quality cannabis materials that are harvested and immediately frozen before extraction. This part of our process ensures maximum terpene and cannabinoid retention. After the material has been frozen, we begin the extraction process using hydrocarbon gasses redistilled on-site for purity. The final product is a sugar that is high in terpene content which separates from tiny THCa crystals, creating a wet sugar consistency with a sauce-like texture. MPX Live Resin Terp Sugar is typically more potent than batter products, but with similar terpene contents.

Where Can I Find MPX Live Resin Terp Sugar?

If you live in Arizona, Nevada or Maryland, you are in luck! Check out our locations page to find the nearest dispensary that carries Melting Point Extracts. We are also running a special for patients in Arizona through the end of December 2019 on Live Resin Terp Sugar (see below). Always remember that our MPX Terp Sugar is the same as other brand’s sauce. Try it and see if you agree!

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