THC Isolate 101

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Flower to Concentrate

Why do people switch from consuming traditional cannabis to consuming cannabis concentrates? Typically, that transition begins when a consumer feels as if they have reached a tolerance limit with flower, and they need something stronger to achieve the effects they once felt from cannabis flower.

Flower typically hits its max potential of THC between 30% and 40% (with 40% being a very unrealistic high-end). Concentrates can often start as low as 50% to 60% and reach all the way up to nearly 100% (typically 96% to 99%). The differences here allow long-time consumers who have hit “the glass ceiling” to break through and achieve significant THC effects that they have not been able to reach with just consuming flower.

Let’s talk about the peak of the mountain, the concentration nearing 100% THC, the THC Isolate!

THC Isolate

At the top end of extraction, a very THC-rich, powdery substance can be formed from distilling and isolating THC from a cannabis flower, creating products that are nearly 100% THC, and nothing else. We call this THC Isolate.

Isolate can look like a white, or off-white, colored powder. This concentrate no longer resembles cannabis, or even other concentrates, and it hardly smells like cannabis. Typically, there will be very minimal, if any, terpenes present either – hence the lack of smell and taste. This is considered the purest form of THC.

How to Use

THC Isolate, being such a strong substance, can be consumed to provide the highest levels of THC to a consumer. This could be to help combat extreme pain, significant anxiety or insomnia, or even just provide a very strong high. While most concentrates are consumed by “dabbing”, it’s not recommended to do that with THC Isolate. Being so strong, and so tasteless, it will certainly make for an unpleasant and potentially painful high – although it will certainly provide the after-effects!

The best way to consume Isolate is to either sprinkle it on top of a bowl of flower, or into a pre-roll. Using it in a similar fashion as kief is used is an excellent way to really ramp-up the flower being smoked. Being already activated, THC Isolate is also great to use when cooking with cannabis to make some seriously strong edibles!

Regardless of how you choose to consume your THC Isolate, it is important to remember you are dealing with the strongest stuff out there, and it is best to consume sparingly. 

You can always consume more; you can never consume less!

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