Full Spectrum Live Resin | Now in a Cartridge

The quality of MPX live resin now in a cartridge. Our full spectrum oil is extracted from freshly harvested whole plant cannabis. Our process captures the full essence of the cultivars from which it was extracted. Retaining all of the available naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids. We use absolutely no diluents, cutting agents, food grade terpenes or artificial ingredients. The result is a cartridge that truly combines robust flavor with powerfully modulating effects, a must for any connoisseur.

Full Spectrum Live Resin Sauce

Capturing the Essence of the Cultivar

Most terpenes and other essential oils are considered “Volatile Organic Compounds”, many of which evaporate readily given the right opportunity. Even the gentle process of hang drying and curing fresh cannabis flowers to enjoy for smoking creates a considerable loss in terpenes and other potentially beneficial compounds. We carefully harvest fresh, whole-plant Cannabis and deep freeze it immediately – halting the degradation and loss of these essential oils. The harvesting process for a proper live resin is meticulous and labor intensive – A tremendous amount of care and respect is shown for these plants as they are prepared for the extraction phase.

Every cultivar has its own unique chemical profile to offer which is responsible for the widely varying smells, tastes, and effects associated with Cannabis that we all love. The extraction process occurs at very low temperatures and gentle pressures, further minimizing degradation of these sensitive compounds. The result of a finely controlled extraction yields a solution rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, ester