MPX Cartridges

All MPX cartridges are safe, effective, and consistently dosed cannabis products that do not contain artificial flavors or cutting agents of any kind (including vitamin E acetate). We exclusively use CCELL technology that is 3rd party tested and verified free of heavy metals, ensuring the highest quality components for maximum compatibility with all our products.

Full Spectrum Live Resin Product Image

Full Spectrum Live Resin

We use only 100% cannabis oil with no diluents, cutting agents, food grade terpenes or artificial ingredients. Our live resin is extracted from freshly harvested, whole plant cannabis capturing the full essence and retaining all the naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids.

Available in Arizona, Nevada and Maryland

MPX X-Vape


Our MPX X-Vape cartridges are made with our high-quality, THC-rich distillate. We do not use any artificial ingredients or flavors. We infuse strain specific, all-natural terpenes for a modulating and palatable experience.

Available in Nevada and Maryland

MPX Mini-X


Our MPX Mini-X cartridges are made with the same high-quality, THC-rich distillate without any artificial ingredients or flavors as our MPX X-Vape, but in a smaller, disposable format for added convenience.

Available in Maryland