MPX Live Resin Products

Live Resin

Our Live Resin concentrates are derived from the highest quality whole plant cannabis that is meticulously harvested and immediately frozen before extraction. This ensures maximum terpene and cannabinoid retention and is unrivaled in taste, potency and effect.

MPX Cured Resin Products

Cured Resin

Our Cured Resin products are derived from the highest quality cannabis materials that have been dried and cured under the most optimal conditions. The result is a rich, full-bodied experience that will leave you craving more!

MPX FSLR Cartridge


All MPX cartridges are safe, effective, and consistently dosed cannabis products that do not contain artificial flavors or cutting agents of any kind (including vitamin E acetate). We exclusively use CCELL technology that is 3rd party tested and verified free of heavy metals, ensuring the highest quality components for maximum compatibility with all our products.